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Life Long Learner is a podcast that explores education, learning, growth, bit of philosophy and challenging the status quo. We explore the notion that everyone is an educator and learning happens all the time.


Each week they tackle a new topic, and have guests on their show to share what education and learning means to them.

Your Hosts

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Gines has gone from an investment banker to elite Australian athlete, to outdoor educator, to a high school teacher, to growing a large fitness club as their GM, to Camp Director of two camps in the USA, he has led teams of 5-150 staff, to GM of a multi-million industry leader in Victoria, Australia and moved his family across the world (including his dog). 

He has a thorough understanding and passion for what it takes to perform at a high level. Not only does he perform at this level in business and sport, but he is also the preferred performance coach of critical response teams in corrections facilities across Australia. 

His honest, growth-centred approach is unique and has left many of his clients saying, "he is the mirror we all need but don't look at.' 


Putting in the work is not uncommon for Gines. One of his favourite past times is running Ultra Marathons and still at times does not call himself a big runner.

Gines believes wholeheartedly that everyone has potential in them waiting to be unlocked



Dr Ben Carvosso is a High-Performance Coach with 28 years of experience. Having started his personal development career at age 19, Dr Ben has spent the last 28 years refining the art of helping to bring out the best in individuals and teams. Using a variety of coaching methodologies, mentoring and success strategies he inspires people for their ideal life to find and achieve their life's work.

Dr Ben started off in business by purchasing a Health Centre at age 23. He built that business up over 14 years to become one of Australia's largest Allied Health practices. About 12 years into his business career Ben also built a Radiology Company from scratch. Starting as Owner, HR Manager, Supply Manager, PR Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Finance controller and at times Cleaner. Over 7 years, he built it into a company that had 4 Comprehensive Radiology sites throughout SE Melbourne employing over 34 staff and turning over $3.5M annually.


In 2018 Dr Ben published what was to become an Amazon Bestseller, Life CEO - Take charge and start doing your life's work, not your busy work.


This book is a coaching manual designed to help business owners design their ideal life so that they stopped the busy, the full and instead found fulfilment. That all aspects of their life became profitable, including their business.


With a keen interest in the relationship between health and performance, Dr Ben is the owner of one of Australia's leading Chiropractic practices.



​Matthew is an exercise scientist, and physical & outdoor educator. A speaker, coach and passionate surfer. Matt has spent the last 15 years teaching, leading and coaching individuals & teams from all over the world, to adapt, develop & grow.

Matt's goal was always to improve performance. 


Applying better strategies, with an optimistic mindset leads to better results. Matt's relentless pursuit of performance lead to discovery; the best performances took place when individuals and teams were completely PRESENT and in FLOW. Consequently, there was a need to make a shift in his coaching approach. It became less about striving and strategies and more about allowing and letting go.


Great performances for teams or individuals were often the result of being in a FLOW STATE, which amazingly also leads to a personal sense of profound meaning and fulfilment.

Matt's mission became clear,  connect people to these experiences and increase the potential for Flow States in people's lives while helping to facilitate and integrate the wisdom obtained through these experiences.

Matt has witnessed many times while coaching a huge array of people. When humans surrender, trust in something bigger than themselves and stay present. Then Magic is possible. We call that magic FLOW.  This intern led to a more consistent interaction with FLOW.. a self-fulfilling prophecy at PLAY. 

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